Hobby Resources #1

We’re not all about math here at 40kDiceRolls. Arguably the biggest part of the hobby is actually building and painting – you’ll spend much more time on those aspects than actually playing. During my time in the hobby, I’ve found some tools and resources that have been beneficial to me and that I think others would find benefit in as well.


There are a few websites in general that I’ve found helpful (Advanced Tau Tactica, Dakka Dakka, and Youtube), but here are a few specific pages that I keep bookmarked for easy reference.

Identify Tau Parts

Just bought a lot of eBay and you’re not sure what that bit is supposed to be? Look no further. I see lots of questions about what so and so bit is online and this is a handy reference. Bear in mind that this reference was written several editions ago and while the bits themselves are still the same, many units can no longer take those specific options, so they are largely just for design.


How to Strip Models

This topic deserves it’s own post that I might get to eventually writing, but this is a great starting point. I personally use Simple Green to soak my models in and have never had a problem with soaking plastic, resin, or metal models. Just don’t be afraid to get dirty!


Paint Conversions

Maybe you have some old Citadel paint and need to find the current name, or maybe you just want to see what other paint lines have similar colors – this reference chart is great to keep on hand. Don’t be afraid to use other lines of paint either, and don’t just stick with Citadel. There are a lot of other great companies making awesome paint besides Citadel.


Army Painter Regiment

I generally believe that a good painter will be able to paint well with a 50 cent brush. Buying a more expensive brushes won’t make you a better painter. However, better brushes (and brushes that are taken care of) will help you get consistent results and can make things easier.

I originally bought the Army Painter Regiment brush as part of their 3 pack deal that also came with a small drybrush and their fine detail brush. Those other two brushes are just ok, but the Regiment has made a lasting impression. It’s excellent for basing small areas, layering, and even doing small details (Tau sept markings in particular). I travel for work about once a month and have a set of brushes I take with me to paint in the hotel room – the Regiment always comes along.

The Master’s Brush Cleaner

Remember when I said that decent brushes are worth it when they are taken care of? This is what I meant. Yes, you should be cleaning off your brush in water (preferably cool or cold because warm/hot water can disintegrate the glue in the ferrule/brush tip) but that won’t get all the paint out. This is a mild but effective soap to use on your brushes to get the last bit of paint out. I typically use it every few painting sessions and that seems to be sufficient.

Green Stuff

I didn’t get too far into modeling with green stuff until I got into a Death Guard/Demons army, but every now and then, I feel like basic knowledge of green stuff is helpful. It can take the place of pinning two parts together in some cases – for instance, I’ve used a small dot of green stuff to help keep my Vespid heads on when regular super glue just wouldn’t cut it. Tau generally won’t have a ton of uses for green stuff unless you’re doing something crazy (which you should totally experiment with), but I always keep some on hand.

Learning Resources

I am by no means a great painter, but I’m continuing to learn and try and get better. A part of that is exposing yourself to new ideas, techniques, and tools. The sources that have had the biggest impact on my learning are listed below – they’re all YouTube channels because I’m a visual person and this is a visual hobby.

Tabletop Minions

This is an excellent channel for all tabletop games and he has a great way of breaking down concepts into simple ideas with a conversational tone. The reason I subscribed to him was his video on how to make a wet pallet. If you don’t know what that is or don’t have one, stop reading now and go make it. It’s probably the single easiest thing you can do to make painting easier, faster, and look a little better. Also, the videos with Sam Lenz are great.

Next Level Painting

Kenny is quite the character. If you think he comes off as cocky or abrasive at first, just hang tight and hang in for at least the first 5 minutes. He has incredible skill with both the airbrush and paintbrush. Plus, his style is nothing at all like mine and this fits with the whole “expose yourself to new ideas”. He has tutorials on everything from basing and batch painting, to achieving certain effects or painting certain colors. While he doesn’t have many/any Tau specific videos, he has a huge backlog and nearly all the videos are still worth watching.


Sometimes silly, Miniac always has solid advice. This is the channel of the three that I’ve been subscribed to the shortest, but I’m steadily finding more and more of his videos that I find helpful. For instance, the videos on how to take awesome picture of your miniatures and 12 things I learned from airbrushing for 1 year were both pretty useful. He breaks things down and shows exactly what he’s doing, which is nice.

In Closing

I hope you found some of these things helpful to spur your own personal progression in the hobby-side of things. Like life, it’s all a journey and we all have to start somewhere 🙂

If you like what you’re reading, please consider following on twitter or via email in the sidebar to your right. If you have specific questions that you’d like us to address here, leave a comment below. Thank you for all the feedback and help in making sure the blog is a valuable source of information.

Thanks for reading – happy dice rolls!

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